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In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

I normally enjoy Liaden Universe stories. I didn't really enjoy this one and I would have been happy to have missed it.
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I still haven't made the choice to unschool our children. But Mr. Hewitt has pushed me further in that direction than I've ever been before.
I'm angry and frustrated by both sides in Ferguson. The police have been horrendous but the looters aren't doing the protestors any favors.
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I'm giddy at the idea that regular passenger service to the moon and super fast travel around the globe might actually come to pass.
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“We believe Coca-Cola’s business can only be as healthy as the community it is part of, so the well-being of the community is important to our long-term strategy”
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Which brings me back full circle, which is that when a bunch of people, whose job is to write about politics, who presumably have nice-sounding educations, who have editors, don’t know one of the very basics of the political thought that gave us the world we live in, the hour is very late indeed.
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Eric S. Raymond reviewed Matthew Johnson's short-story anthology *Irregular Verbs and Other Stories*. He used it as an opportunity to talk about the differences between SF, literary fiction, and other genres.
An intriguing scientific idea, woven into a thriller of a horror story. It's easy to see why it was nominated for a Hugo award.
This was a book with a lot of good ideas. On paper, I should love it. But I didn't and I never felt like I just couldn't wait to get back to it.
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Money is ultimately a more egalitarian force than privilege, as everyone’s greenbacks are worth the same.
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The number of mass shooting incidents hasn't changed in the last 38 years.
If you're already a fan of the *Dresden Files*, you should definitely read *Skin Game*. Butcher's added another solid story to the series.
Norman Spinrad's explanation of why steampunk can't be speculative fiction. It's not science, it's faux science. It's anti-science.
I've called myself a fan of "science fiction" or "sci-fi" for years. Now I'm going to start calling myself a fan of "speculative fiction" or "SF". Here's why.
We often talk about how decisions, such as marriage, can change the course of a person's life. It's one thing to talk about that, in a casual way. It's another thing to see it lived out, over the course of one woman's life. I can definitely recommend this book as one worth reading.
The stories were enjoyable enough. I'm just not sure how memorable any of them will be. Overall, I'd have to call this an average issue.
Norman Spinrad's "On Books" column gave me a good definition of speculative fiction and Silverberg's column was worth saving as well.
I normally enjoy Liaden Universe stories. I didn't really enjoy this one and I would have been happy to have missed it.
Two short stories and one essay stood out to me, in this issue.
The real conflict is between two lovers who struggle to transcend two very different Cultures and two different conceptions of Duty. In the end, of course, they do. But the journey is the interesting part.
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