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In this present crisis, government is not the solution to our problem; government is the problem.

This book, this series, has legions of fan. After reading it, I discovered that I'm not one of them.
I'm angered that Charles M. Blow would choose to promote his policy position by completely ignoring my arguments and ascribing only evil motives to me and those who think as I do.
Brandon Sanderson has made it abundantly clear that he is, first and foremost, a fan of the fantasy epic. This really shows through in WORDS OF RADIANCE. This book was long, but it never lost my interest.
This is a higher quality story than most I normally read or than most authors write. As a fan of the genre, it's definitely worth reading.
I've been haunted by a question since Adam bet me into reading _Freedom_. What is literary fiction?
This was a decent issue although nothing in here really jumped out and grabbed me.
Of all of the Star Trek episodes I've seen, this unaired version was the most ... human.
This is a well-written book about a sequence of events that strains credulity.
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Living together before marriage probably never has increased the likelihood of a couple divorcing.
Between this book's gloomy atmosphere and the absence of the most interesting tech from the last book, I didn't see a lot to really enjoy.
The novels were fun but seemed both somewhat pointless and somewhat of a retreat of earlier novels.
This book was interesting enough to be engaging and educational enough to be a valuable resource on the way American government really works.
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Now that most women are aware of the cancer risk, mammograms may be outdated. A recent study showed no difference between women who did, and who did not, have mammograms.
I'd hoped it would be both entertaining and informative. It wasn't. As a result, it ends up as one of the few books that I haven't finished.
This is one of the best issues of Asimov's I've read yet. It makes me glad to be a subscriber and to stay one.
This wasn't a page turner the way the full-length novels have been. But it was still fun and it did make Harry more well-rounded in a way that the novels don't.
The magic takes a back seat to the relationships and that's what makes this story good.
I'm happy with what I read last year. But I want more out of 2014. I'd like to have some structured goals for this year's reading. I've got a few thoughts.
I read 10% less than in 2012, but I had a good excuse and found some treasures.
In some ways, this novel completes a story arc — a character arc — that started with the very first novel in the series.
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